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Travel Size Shruti Box- Monoj Kr Sardar X Brooklyn Healing Arts

Travel Size Shruti Box- Monoj Kr Sardar X Brooklyn Healing Arts

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The Shruti Box is an Indian Drone instrument that provides a steady tone for a myriad of uses including sound healing, meditation, and chanting. The single box is a full chromatic scale is available in concert pitch 440htz or Healing Pitch 432htz. Comes with a shoulder bag and a lot of love!!!!


15 x 2.7 x 10

Weighs 9 pounds

Which size is for you??

The main difference between the sizes is the amount of air in the bellows of the instrument. The smaller sizes require more pumping as the instrument holds less air, meanwhile the large instruments have the ability to have greater sustain and ease of play. The small sizes weigh less, so they are great for travel and if you are hosting a sound bath and want to lessen the weight you carry. If you are planning on playing at home and not traveling with it very much…go with the standard or compact sizes. The standard weighs about 11 pounds.

All shruti boxes come with a shoulder strap bag.

440htz vs 432htz?

It is said that 440 is the standard tuning, which means most instruments are tuned to this. Meanwhile 432 is said to be the “healing” frequency. Though there is little evidence to factually prove this many people have had wonderful experiences diving into this frequency, thus now we present it to you, to allow you to choose and create the experience yourself.

The Bowring Foot Pedal

The foot pedal made of bamboo, is a great option for those who wish to play other instruments while allowing the drone of the shruti box to move in the background. If you play guitar, handpan, flute….it’s a wonderful addition to keep your hands free, especially if you host sound baths and want something steady throughout.

Maintenance of the boxes

Sometimes you will hear a buzzing, do not worry, it is actually quite common with metal reed instruments. You will need a metal nail file and Philips head screwdriver…email me at and I will send you a video of how to fix. Do not keep them next to a heat source like a radiator or fire.

The shruti box is made of teak wood, which is naturally high in oil and highly water resistant. It is a heavy wood known well for it durability and strength. Of the natural woods, it has the highest decay resistance, so you should have this box for a long time! JUST DON’T DROP IT!