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Meinl Essence Crystal Singing (3) Bowl Set Note E4 C3 G3, 440 Hz

Meinl Essence Crystal Singing (3) Bowl Set Note E4 C3 G3, 440 Hz

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*This item drops ships from our TN warehouse. Subject to backorder. Please reach out if you have a time crunch to receive before ordering.  Email Jarrod@BrooklynHealing

The Meinl Sonic Energy Essence Crystal Singing Bowls offer a pleasant aura through their high-purity quartz construction and beautiful design. Their sound and tone can be extended by gentle tapping or rubbing, creating a calming and ethereal ambiance in your surroundings. Crafted with a clear, deep, and rich sound, these bowls can help relax both the player and listeners. They are lightweight and easy to handle, with each intricately hand-shaped and tuned to perfection, though their height may vary slightly. These Crystal Singing Bowls can serve multiple purposes, such as relaxation therapy, chakra healing, meditation, physiotherapy, sound therapy, yoga, emotional regulation, or as decorative pieces. This set includes three white silicone rings, two Crystal Silicone Rods (CSBRM), and a sturdy carrying case.bags.

•Feature 1: Clear, strong, deep, and rich vibrations
•Feature 2: Lightweight
•Feature 3: Made of high-purity quartz
•Feature 4: Extremely long-lasting resonance
•Feature 5: Harmonic triads
•Note/Tuning:  E4/C4/G3
•Material: High-purity quartz, galvanised
•Color: Multi
•Chakra: Solarplexus Chakra,Root Chakra, Throat Chakra
•Including: 3 x White silicone ring;;2x Crystal Silicone Rod CSBRM;;3 x Carrying bag