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Synodic Day Cosmic Tube 777 Hz

Synodic Day Cosmic Tube 777 Hz

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The extraordinary sound properties of these tubular bells of titanium are a result of the element being the only metal with a hexagonal crystalline structure. Fire treatment also creates a rainbow-colored surface. Accessories include handle and mallets. Excellent for earth-acupuncture. Titanium's hexagonal crystalline structure and fire treatment create a unique sound unlike any other metal. The rainbow-colored surface and included handle and mallets make these tubular bells perfect for therapeutic sound healing and acoustic massage.

A synodic day—or simply "day"—is the length of time in which a planet such as Earth completes a single spin in relation to its star, the Sun. That length of time for Earth is 24 hours.

Comes with bag. Optional handle and titanium mallet.

Astrological Body: Synodic Day

Frequency: 777 Hz

Tube Length: 19"

Synodic Day 777 Hz