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Sidereal Moon Gong Plate 455 Hz

Sidereal Moon Gong Plate 455 Hz

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The plate bell is by far the most powerful of the seven treasures.The pure, intense sound originates from tuning the plates to two frequencies an exact octave apart.Manufactured from bronze, hammered, fired and polished (premium) and brass with fine polish (bass). Accessories include various hangers, a handle and appropriate mallets. Especially suited for energetic cleansing of spaces and to play along with gongs. Its extraordinary resonance and vibrancy make it a must-have tool for musicians, sound healers, and meditation practitioners alike, ushering in maximum purifying energy with its remarkable sound depths. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail and precision, each piece meets highest quality standards and provides the ultimate sonic experience.

Sidereal Moon

8.75" x 6.5"

Weight 4.19 lbs

Keynote:  455 Hz

Overtone: 910 Hz

The Moon's sidereal circuit (a sidereal month) traverses a 360° arc around the Earth with respect to the "fixed" stars and requires ~27.3 days to complete; this is distinct from its synodic span of ~29.5 days, which is the interval of time between consecutive full moons.

Sidereal Moon Plate