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Sidereal Day Cosmic Tube 779 Hz

Sidereal Day Cosmic Tube 779 Hz

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The extraordinary sound properties of these tubular bells of titanium are a result of the element being the only metal with a hexagonal crystalline structure. Fire treatment also creates a rainbow-colored surface. Accessories include handle and mallets. Excellent for earth-acupuncture. Titanium's hexagonal crystalline structure and fire treatment create a unique sound unlike any other metal. The rainbow-colored surface and included handle and mallets make these tubular bells perfect for therapeutic sound healing and acoustic massage.

Earth's rotation relative to the stars, measured in Sidereal Days of 779 Hz, speaks to a cosmic cycle of adventure and challenge.

Comes with bag. Optional handle and titanium mallet.

Astrological Body: Sidereal Day

Frequency: 779 Hz

Tube Length: 19"

Sidereal Day 779 Hz