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Planetary Tuners 11 Tuning Fork Set Astrology

Planetary Tuners 11 Tuning Fork Set Astrology

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Planetary Tuners brings new dimensions to your Astrology readings, enhance bodywork and acupuncture sessions, or use for personal meditation and growth. Taping each fork individually provides the astrological quality of each planet.


 Sun 252.44hz - Will power, fire, vitality, masculine

Mercury 282.54 Hz - Communication

Venus 442.46 H - Herat Centered, Love, connection, beauty

Earth 272.2 Hz - Grounding, security

Moon 420.88 Hz - Cooling, feminine, emotional

Mars 289.44 Hz - Battle, strenth

Jupiter 367.16 Hz - Wisdom, knowledge, expansion

Saturn 295.7 Hz - Patience and Power

Neptune 422.88 Hz - Dreams, inspiration, intuition, compassion

Uranus 414.72 Hz - Forward looking, change

Pluto 280.5 Hz -death, transitioning