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Meinl Solfeggio Crystal 6 Singing Bowl Set

Meinl Solfeggio Crystal 6 Singing Bowl Set

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*This item drops ships from our TN warehouse. Subject to backorder. Please reach out if you have a time crunch to receive before ordering.  Email Jarrod@BrooklynHealing


The sleek Meinl Sonic Energy Solfeggio Crystal Singing Bowls are handcrafted with ancient frequencies to promote healing and well-being for the body, mind, and soul. These vibrations have been used since ancient times to treat physical and mental ailments, even by monks in their sacred Gregorian chants. The high-purity quartz of these white-frosted bowls emits a long-lasting, spherical tone that creates a calming and rejuvenating atmosphere. Each bowl comes with a silicone ring to protect against impact and ensure optimal resonance. These versatile bowls can be used for various purposes such as chakra healing, meditation, sound therapy, or as a decorative piece. The uplifting Solfeggio frequencies included in this collection are renowned for their transformative effects, from releasing guilt and fear to enhancing relationships, promoting intuition, and increasing consciousness. By regularly listening to these frequencies, one can improve their overall well-being and make positive changes in life. Experience the harmonious effects of Solfeggio crystal singing bowls today.

Includes 6 silicon rods, 1 rod mallet, and 1 ball mallet.

  • 396 Hz UT queant laxis = liberation from guilt and fear
  • 417 Hz REsonare fibris = undoing situations and simplifying change
  • 528 Hz MIra gestorum = transformation and miracles (DNA repair)
  • 639 Hz FAmuli tuorum = harmonizing relationships and inner balance
  • 741 Hz SOLve polluti = living healthier and driving changes in lifestyle
  • 852 Hv LAbii reatum = return to the mental and spiritual order