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Meinl 36" Heart Chakra Gong

Meinl 36" Heart Chakra Gong

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Handmade in Germany, Meinl's Sonic Energy Chakra Gongs are tuned to the exact frequencies of Hans Cousto's "Cosmic Octave" in order to bring balance to each of the seven chakras. Each gong is elaborately hammered to create an unmistakable sound and special sandblasting gives the gong a unique appearance by fusing the corresponding chakra symbol into its center. As the fourth chakra, the Anahata that sits at the chest level is connected to self-confidence, insight, and clarity - which this Heart Chakra Gong aims to help you achieve.

Gong Specifications:
Diameter: 36" / 90 cm
Tuning: 136.10 Hz / C#2

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