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Meinl 24" Synodic Moon Gong

Meinl 24" Synodic Moon Gong

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Meinl Percussion was founded in 1951 by Roland Meinl in Germany and has since been crafting cymbals, congas, and other percussion instruments. Their Gongs and Tam Tams are fashioned in the same manner as Paiste Gongs and made of Nickel Silver. Meinl's Planetary Gongs are hand-tuned to frequencies derived from the work of Hans Cousto in "The Cosmic Octave". These frequencies are believed to mimic the energy of celestial bodies, providing meditative and healing effects through their sound vibration. Each gong has a distinct fundamental note, complemented by higher harmonics, generating an irresistibly soothing atmosphere.

210.42 Hz / G2#
A4/a' 440 Hz → 445.86 Hz

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