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Meinl 24" Crown Chakra Gong

Meinl 24" Crown Chakra Gong

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Hand crafted and precisely tuned to a specific frequency, Meinl Sonic Energy's 24" Crown Chakra Gong awakens and energizes your spirits. Elaborate hammering and a beautiful sandblasted chakra symbol create an entrancing aura and unique sonic character, perfect to stimulate your senses. This gong radiates to the seventh Chakra - the Saharāsa or Crown Chakra - which is located at the crown of the head and connected to spirituality, transformation, and intuitive awareness. When struck with intention, it creates a connection to the Divine Source, balancing your soul with its own spiritual force.

Gong Specifications:
Diameter: 24" / 60 cm
Tuning: 172.06 Hz / F2

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