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Organic jojoba oil, lemon, peppermint, ylang ylang, rosemary, clove


Spiritual: kundalini, strength, peace, protection, purification, love
Emotional: courage, healing, protection, centering, balance, confidence, release guilt, jealousy and anger, self- worth, moving forward
Physical: toothaches, stimulating, protection, sensuality

Topical Application: 2-3 drops in the Left palm, activate with right fingers rubbing clockwise 3 x. Apply on 1-2 locations as desired i.e. wrists, behind ears, belly, or feet. Start 2x a day and increase to 4x.

Inhalation: apply 2 drops in left palm, rub clockwise with right, cup hands together over nose and mouth and breathe deeply. Rub 2+ drops on chest, neck, or wrists breathe in fragrance throughout the day.