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Hokema - B11 Kalimba Melody

Hokema - B11 Kalimba Melody

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11 Tines precisely tuned to g-major suitable for playing countless popular tunes. 

  • The B11 Melody is ideal for improvisation and intuitive playing.

  • Solid resonance corpus of American cherry wood

  • A large number of well know songs can be played

  • Ergonomically formed tines for easy playing with the thumb

Kalimbas are metal-tined instruments which originated in southern Africa and which can be found there in countless variations.

The 11 tines are precisely tuned to the scale of G Major, suitable for playing countless popular tunes. TheMelody is ideal for improvisation and intuitive playing.


We positioned the long and short tines alternately to ensure ease of playing in accordance with acoustic criteria. The six shorter tines are bent -  with the ends raised above the longer tines - enabling easy reach by the thumbs.

The eleven tines are numbered from left to right. The even numbers 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 represent the longer tines and the odd numbers represent the shorter. Generally – for single-voice melodies – the left thumb (L) plays tines 1-6 and the right thumb (R) plays 6-11.