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Himalayan Quartz Phurpa 5.5 Inch 85gr #12

Himalayan Quartz Phurpa 5.5 Inch 85gr #12

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This is a Himalayan Quartz Crystal Phurpa. These are hand carved in Nepal and made to my weight and detailed specifications. Traditionally used in Buddhist ceremony for clearing negative energies from around the body. Used in a dagger fashion, this penetrates blocks in the energy field, freeing the mind-body connection from traumas and pre-existing conditioning.

I source these pieces from the highest altitude in the world, where it is said the veil between heaven and earth is the thinnest and this holds a particularly strong energy

Charge in the full moon.

Cleanse in salt water.

If these are on display in your home ALWAYS have the dagger facing to a window, allowing the energy to exit the space.

These are amazing pieces that work tremendously well.