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Freenotes 'D' Minor Wing

Freenotes 'D' Minor Wing

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‘D’ Minor Wing


  • Suitable for beginners and trained musicians

  • Handmade by Grammy Award winner

  • Explore your creative musicality

  • Five-tone harmonic pentatonic scale

  • Notes sustain for over six seconds

  • No moving parts, no tuning

  • Endorsed by music therapists

  • Ideal for special needs children/adults

  • Sturdy, lightweight, portable

  • Enables all to unlock their creative potential


The D Minor Wing has nine notes and is ideal for creating tranquil and exotic melodies.

It is modeled upon an ancient Japanese scale named Ake Bono.

9 notes (D-E-F-A-Bb-D-E-F-A)
1″ aluminium bars