Freenotes "D" Minor Bass Octave

Freenotes "D" Minor Bass Octave

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The perfect complement to the clarity of the Wing's tones is the deep, resounding foundation of the Bass Octave. Crafted from 2.5” wide aluminum bars mounted onto 3” square tubes, these oversized octaves provide a lush ambient soundscape, creating a sumptuous soundscape for the melodic Wing to soar over. This combination of sonority and scale is unparalleled in its sonic potential and value.

The C major Bass Octave

is a resonated xylophone with 6 notes in a pentatonic scale.

6 notes (C-D-E-G-A-C)
2.5″ wide aluminum bars
Includes 1 Bass Octave Mallet
15 pounds
Dimensions: 29”x18”x4”

Listen to D Minor Bass Octave
Listen to D Minor Bass Octave with D Minor Wing