Freenotes "C" Major Bass Octave

Freenotes "C" Major Bass Octave

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The Bass Octaves are the perfect pairing for the Wing, as illustrated in the videos. They form a lush backdrop of low tones, allowing the melodic Wing to weave its music over the solid foundation. Crafted from 2.5” wide aluminum bars resting atop 3” square tubes, these tones project remarkable sound for their size and price. These Bass Octaves are two to three times larger than the Wings..

The C major Bass Octave

is a resonated xylophone with 6 notes in a pentatonic scale.

6 notes (C-D-E-G-A-C)
2.5″ wide aluminum bars
Includes 1 Bass Octave Mallet
15 pounds
Dimensions: 29”x18”x4”