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Svaram Double Sided Monochord with Tampura and Santoor

Svaram Double Sided Monochord with Tampura and Santoor

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This is three instruments in one. On the one side you have a Monochord. If you are unfamiliar it is an instrument whose strings are all tuned to the same note, in some case this varies, but for this instrument it rings true. This provides a wonderful movement of sound which allows overtones and harmonics to come forth from the instrument. Thisis a drone instrument which allows the players and listeners to enter a state of trance.

The instrument is attached by two large screws which go through the holes within each side of the feet which hold it up. You tighten the instrument when you want the ability of playing on each side of the instrument.

Loosen the bolts, flip the instrument, and on the other side you have 2 instruments. The bottom four strings act as a Tanpura. This too is a drone instrument and in classical Indian music is often the backbone for raga.

The notes above it are a pre-tuned. Santoor, which can be played with fingers or “hammers.”

What makes this instrument very unique, if it isn’t already, is that it is completely in tune with itself. Meaning, if the monochord is flipped and on the bottom side and you are playing the Tanpura/Santoor, you can still use the Monochord on its underside while playing the others…meanwhile it is all in tune and provides a wonderful texture of sounds.


The instrument comes tuned in the setup in the video It will need fined tuned upon arrival and after. See audio for possible variations.

To show the variation in the tuning, for the santoor I have tuned in the following. This is only a portion of the options for tuning this instrument. I am working to including a tuning books with variations and a large play tutorial including what to do with “those little strings” on the tanpura. They are called “jivas” and are for releasing harmonics.


This instrument requires up keep by way of tuning. Expect to tune this pretty often to make sure it sounds good when played.

Included are a bag, tuning knob, and an extra set of strings.

Santoor Variation: Akebono
Santoor Variation: Equinox