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Heavens Doorbell Capricorn in Eb-Major

Heavens Doorbell Capricorn in Eb-Major

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Crafted with miniature plate bells made from nickel silver, this door chime produces a striking melody crafted in perfect tuning to two octaves - a base note corresponding to the yearly tones of the Earth (a=432Hz). The sound of the bells originate from the major triads, carefully tuned to the tonalities traditionally associated with the zodiac signs, based on Friedrich Oberkogler's method. To further embed their mystical qualities, spheres of gem stone, each aligned to a zodiac sign, are used to bring the bells to life.

Zodiac Sign: Capricorn

Gemstone: Onyx

Tonality: Eb-Major

Triad: Eb-G-Bb

Metal: Nickle Silver

Capricorn in Eb-Major