Beginners Tuning Fork Set with Book

Beginners Tuning Fork Set with Book

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Included in set is:

(1) Human Tuning Book

(1) 2 Fork Set of C & G Forks

(1) 128 Otto Tune Tuning Fork

We highly recommend using a gem foot but it is optional. Please see the other items as it helps amplify the healing properties.

128 Otto Tune

The Otto Tuner offers physical alignment, stimulating the nerves and releasing body tension with resonant, deep earth tones. It relieves muscle tension, spasms, and pain, promoting circulation by calming constrictive muscles and boosting blood flow. Its efficacy is notable when placed on rib heads, thorasic vertebra, sternum, and illiums. Tapping it gently on the knees and holding it to the ears creates a pleasant, sustained, low tone great for grounding and relaxation.


Deep relaxation and soothing peace

Relaxes body tissue

Relieves muscle tension, spasms, and pain

Improves blood circulation

Stimulates nerves on the skin and hair

C&G (2) Fork Set

The Beginners Tuning Fork Set is the ideal option for those just starting out; its C and G tuners generate an “ideal fifth” to facilitate healing and greater awareness. By listening to these two separate tones, your body will generate a singular vibration, attaining balance and harmony between mind and body. In as little as 30 seconds - the same amount of time required to stretch a muscle - you can reach a united state of relaxation, compared to the 45 minutes of meditation needed to achieve the same result.

 There is no audio for the 128 Otto Tune as it is for vibrating the skeletal frame.