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Battiloro "Hathor" G2 Hijaz, 9 Note, 432 Hz

Battiloro "Hathor" G2 Hijaz, 9 Note, 432 Hz

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Hathor, the symbolic mother of the pharaohs and lady of sensual love, represents the pinnacle of ancient Egyptian religion. Our Handpan's soulful sound is inspired by the unity of maternal and celestial aspects, symbolized by the sun disk-shaped headcovering. Vibrant with oriental hues, each note of Hathor continually sings the sacred in life, making it a truly treasured instrument.

G G G# B C D D# F G
432 Hz
8.8 lb
(approx) 22 Inches
(approx) 10 Inches
Stainless Steel

Please note, we do stock handpans but this will be indicated on the model titles.  If not in stock, this pan will be delivered within 2-3 weeks. These handpans are made in Italy and the price includes shipping.  Elsewhere in the world it will be a $250 shipping charge which will be invoiced after the initial purchase is made.  All duties and import taxes are the responsibility of buyer.