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Battiloro "Demyan" G#2 Amara, 9 Notes on Top 5 Bottom, 432 Hz

Battiloro "Demyan" G#2 Amara, 9 Notes on Top 5 Bottom, 432 Hz

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Named after the ancient Greek word meaning "he who tames," Demyan has a thousand spiritual resonances and embodies the benevolent spirit of St. Damian, a selfless healer. With nine notes on the top and five on the bottom, this G sharp minor instrument offers unparalleled melodic versatility and musical excellence. Experience the gift of fluid melodic expression with every subtle variation in sound.

G# (D#)( E) (F#) G# A# B C# D# E F# G# (B) (D#)
432 Hz
8.8 lb
(approx) 22 Inches
(approx) 10 Inches
Stainless Steel

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