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Amaranth Seed Filled Compact Rainstick, 24 inches

Amaranth Seed Filled Compact Rainstick, 24 inches

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Dream of rain with Rainstick Dreams, a Pennsylvania-based creative force combining extended hours of rainstick sound with eye-catching designs. Poppy or amaranth seeds, or glass beads - the choice is yours! Smaller and lighter seeds bring quiet, gentle sound perfect for energy work and sound theory, while a vibrant art piece that adds life to your space. Dare to take the plunge into new depths of auditory and visual pleasure!


Details for this Stick

Materials: Amaranth, plastic tube, birch dowels, poplar circles, metal

Dimensions: 2 1/2" x 25"

Weight: 12 oz

Sound duration: around 2 minutes

Loudness: 52 dB from 1 ft