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25mm Silver with Rose Quartz Gem Foot for Otto Tune

25mm Silver with Rose Quartz Gem Foot for Otto Tune

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Silver with Rose Quartz


All Gem Feet attach to the bottom of the Otto Tune Tuning forks in 128, 136.1, or 64 htz (25mm recommend for 64 htz). They enhance the vibration and also administer the healing traits that are associated with the mineral or crystal. These feet are hand made in Germany.

You can easily apply essential oils as well to the tips of these forks to also amplify the healing qualities of the essential oils

The 25mm is great for massage and deep muscle release, including knotting and soreness and can also be used like the 15mm.


The Rose quartz gem foot attaches to the Otto 128, 136.1, or 62 htz tuning fork. Rose quartz brings the qualities of love, compassion, and softness . It allows receptivity and warmth to the heart. It makes a convenient handle to hold and tap the fork and presses directly on the bone. The sound of the tuning fork enhances the vibration of the stone, increasing the healing effect.