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15mm Silver Gem Foot with Carnelian

15mm Silver Gem Foot with Carnelian

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Silver with Carnelian

All Gem Feet attach to the bottom of the Otto Tune Tuning forks in 128, 136.1, or 64 htz (25mm recommend for 64 htz). They enhance the vibration and also administer the healing traits that are associated with the mineral or crystal. These feet are hand made in Germany.

The 15mm sizing is great for acupuncture, on bones, and acupressure points. Allows a direct stimulation to the focused meridians resulting in a spike of Nitric Oxide.


This beautiful reddish stabilizing stone, means “Flesh” in Latin, Stimulates the libido, detox for the body. brings vitality .

Also called the Artists stone- stimulates warms the heart, love , passion. Also known as the Singers Stone- for shy people so they can speak up and be heard.