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Svaramandal Zither

Svaramandal Zither

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This beautiful zither instrument is widely used in Indian Classical singing as the melodic support for the vocalist. Our newly crafted model is tuned in the basic major pentatonic mode. Its rich resonance makes it an attractive sound source for sound healers and certainly can enhance any space with its harmonizing, encompassing tonal effect.

This item consists of what I call “hard tuning” and “precise tuning.” You will need a tuner for this instrument to maintain its sound. The strings are held in place on the tuning peg which allows the player to tune with a hand held device which comes with the instrument. on the base of the svaramadal area silver oval sliders which are used to fine tune the instrument. There is a slight learning curve with this instrument but as you grow comfortable tuning and getting to know it, it will come with much more ease.

Made by Monoj Kr Sardar.