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Sonic Chi Swinging Flow Chime

Sonic Chi Swinging Flow Chime

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Music and sound have always been essential elements for promoting self-healing and unity within communities. In Chinese culture, music holds a special place of reverence, as it is believed to aid in character development, spiritual enlightenment, and maintaining social stability. According to the ancient text The Yellow Emperor's Manual of Internal Medicine (3rd c.), sound was used for healing before the use of taste, herbs, and acupuncture. Our Sonic Chi Swinging Flow Chime is designed to resonate with the five primordial tones and their corresponding frequencies and intervals, which are associated with the five elements. By creating a harmonic balance, this chime can help alleviate physical tension and promote overall well-being and resilience.


This model is the beta model with 3/4 inch tubes.

5 Elements
Water : A (432hz), a (862hz)
Earth :  C (512hz), c (1024hz)
Metal : D (576hz), d (1152hz)
Wood : E (648hz), e (1296hz)
Fire : G (768hz), g (1536hz)


Comes with carry bag