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Sonic Chi Swinging Flow Chime

Sonic Chi Swinging Flow Chime

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Music and sound have long been integral components to healing and harmonizing self and community. In Chinese culture, music had an especially revered position, with ancient texts citing its importance for character cultivation, spiritual elevation, and the stability of the society and state. In The Yellow Emperor's Manual of Internal Medicine (3rd c.), it is stated that the use of sound predated the use of taste, herbs, and needles. Our Sonic Chi Circle Swinging Chime resonates with the 5 primordial tones, their frequencies, and interval combinations that are associated with the five elements, allowing for a harmonic balance to be restored. This chime can soothe the body, fostering resilience and wellbeing.

5 Elements
Water : A (432hz), a (862hz)
Earth :  C (512hz), c (1024hz)
Metal : D (576hz), d (1152hz)
Wood : E (648hz), e (1296hz)
Fire : G (768hz), g (1536hz)


Comes with carry bag