Meinl Sonic Energy 3-Piece Crystal Singing Bowl Set, 432 Hz

Meinl Sonic Energy 3-Piece Crystal Singing Bowl Set, 432 Hz

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The Meinl Sonic Energy crystal singing bowls utilize a high-purity quartz crystal construction to achieve a pure tone rich in harmonics and overtones. They are typically played with a suede or rubber mallet, and their sound is often used for sound healing, meditation, and relaxation. Their long-lasting, spherical tone blooms when the bowl is gently tapped or rubbed, creating an energy and environment that can be useful in numerous sound healing, meditation, and wellness practices. All crystal singing bowls include a silicone ring for stability and to enhance resonance.

Made of high-purity, white-frosted quartz
Extremely long-lasting resonance
Harmonic triads

9" Diameter A Brow Chakra

12" Diameter F Heart Chakra

14" Diameter C Root Chakra

9" Diameter A Brow Chakra

11" Diameter  F Heart Chakra

13" Diameter D Sacral Chakra

10" Diameter G Throat Chakra

12" Diameter E Solar Plexus

14" Diameter Root Chakra

All Sets include the following
3 white silicone rings
Crystal silicone rod
Crystal singing bowl mallet