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Meinl Meditation Flow Chimes

Meinl Meditation Flow Chimes

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Meinl Sonic Energy Meditation Flow Chimes are premium instruments, ideal for meditating, de-stressing and sonic therapy. Use the accompanying mallet to stir them up and generate a spherical symphony of serenity and tranquility - bathing your body, mind and soul in a calming glow.Made with sturdy nylon cords and two ash wood holders, the tubes are crafted from anti-corrosive aluminum, so they can be enjoyed alone or altogether!Plus, you'll receive a soft velvet padded bag, along with an adjustable shoulder strap and top-class felt mallet - so your movable music-making experience is set!

Gently sway, circle, spin, and twirl for calming and balancing effects.Experience the long-lasting resonance from both sides.Includes mallet holder and a carrying bag with flocked velvet and adjustable strap.


Available in Four Tunings
C Minor: C5, Eb5, F5, G5, Bb5, C6, Eb6, F6, G6, Bb6 (A4/a' 432 Hz) - Black
E Minor: E4, G4, A4, B4, D5, E5, G5, A5, B5, D6 (A4/a' 432 Hz) - Black
D Major: D5, E5, F#5, A5, B5, D6, E6, F#6, A6, B6 (A4/a' 440 Hz) Bronze
G Major: G4, A4, B4, D5, E5, G5, A5, B5, D6, E6 (A4/a' 440 Hz) - Bronze

•Dimensions: 25.98" width x 37.24" length x 0.79" depth
•Materials: Ash wood, aluminum, leather, nylon cord
•Includes: Carry bag, flocked velvet, mallet with felt tip