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Meinl Crystal Singing Bowl Colour Frosted Chakra 7 Bowl Set, 440 Hz

Meinl Crystal Singing Bowl Colour Frosted Chakra 7 Bowl Set, 440 Hz

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*This item drops ships from our TN warehouse. Subject to backorder. Please reach out if you have a time crunch to receive before ordering.  Email Jarrod@BrooklynHealing

Elevate your space with our luxurious and exclusive Meinl Sonic Energy Crystal Singing Bowl set. Made of high-purity quartz, these color-frosted bowls create a harmonious aura with their delightful sound and stunning design. Each bowl features a long-lasting, spherical tone that resonates throughout the room when tapped or rubbed, providing a truly sensory experience. This 7-piece Chakra set comes with a white silicone ring for protection and enhanced resonance, as well as a medium coated rod, large half-coated rod, and mallet for immediate use. Enhance your chakra healing, meditation, sound therapy, yoga, home Fengshui, emotional well-being, or room decor with these versatile Crystal Singing Bowls.


Root Chakra: 14", CSBC14C, Note C4
Sacral Chakra: 13", CSBC13D, Note D4
Navel Chakra: 12", CSBC12E, Note E4
Heart Chakra: 11", CSBC11F, Note F4
Throat Chakra: 10", CSBC10G, Note G4
Brow Chakra: 9", CSBC9A, Note A4
Crown Chakra: 8", CSBC8B, Note B4