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Meinl 32" Throat Chakra Gong

Meinl 32" Throat Chakra Gong

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Meinl Sonic Energy's handmade Chakra Gongs are expertly tuned to Hans Cousto's "The Cosmic Octave." Each instrument is carefully crafted with elaborate hammering to create a resplendent aura and peculiar soundscape, stimulating your senses. At the heart of each gong you'll find a sandblasted symbol for the Fifth Chakra, otherwise known as Vissudha or the Throat Chakra. Tuned to C#2 at 141.27 Hz, it's the body's source of communication, enabling us to express ourselves. An imbalance in this chakra can cause difficulty in speaking our truth, but when balanced we strengthen our communication and independence. Strike the gong with intention to revitalize this chakra.

Gong Specifications:
Diameter: 32" / 80 cm
Tuning: 141.27 Hz / C#2

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