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Meinl 24" 3rd Eye Ajna Chakra Gong

Meinl 24" 3rd Eye Ajna Chakra Gong

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Crafted by hand with precision, Meinl Sonic Energy's Chakra Gongs are tuned to a specific frequency in accordance with Hans Cousto's "Cosmic Octave," activating each of the chakras. Hammering provides a unique sonic character and a beautiful aura, stimulating your senses. The sixth chakra, the Anja or Brow Chakra, is tuned to A2 at 221.23 Hz. Found behind the forehead, between the eyebrows, the Third Eye serves as the bridge between your brain's two hemispheres, balancing logic and creativity. Exploring this gong with intention helps cleanse, refill, and balance your spiritual force.

Gong Specifications:
Diameter: 24" / 60 cm
Tuning: 221.23 Hz / A2

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