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Martin Bläse Planetary Singing Bowl Mars 289 Hz

Martin Bläse Planetary Singing Bowl Mars 289 Hz

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 As early as 1993, Martin Bläse devised an exclusive technique for crafting singing bowls, incorporating modern tuning and measuring techniques to offer precisely-tuned models made of nickel silver, natural bronze, and polished bronze. These bowls, especially convenient for cosmic sound meditations, can be struck with the included mallet and are renowned for their luxurious craftsmanship and elegant resonance.

Mars evokes strong passions, ambition and combative spirit. Sharing its name with an ancient god of war, it's all about boldness, forcefulness, and acting on instinct. Of course, Mars can be a force for good as it helps us boldly pursue our goals. Alternatively, this planet could lead us down the path of rash action and recklessness.


Weight: 1.4 pounds

All bowls come with a mallet. Expect the metal to age with time.

Mars 289