In Search of Silence Part 4: Time as Ambiguity

As we approach the conclusion to this four-part series, the final and most important aspect of sovereignty revolves around the force of time. It holds no physical space but dictates how all moves. Simply put, time is spatial relationship between matter. As in, when you travel somewhere time is the distance of life used between space. In so much, the traversing of time can cause a myriad of mental maladies including anxiety, depression, and more. How many times have you said, I just don’t have the time. In that very statement I find the greatest illusion of mankind, the idea that you havetime. Within that we feel we have more time. We say things like, Well….there’s always tomorrow! Yet, that is not reality and is not truth.

Sound has the ability to give us a greater access to time. Many sound experiences involve tonal drone instruments like gongs, singing bowls, and more. These instruments are played in such a manner that they do not have a rhythm or tonal differentiation that is associated with music. Music and sound are very different and should be treated as such. A gong provides a drone, free of music. Yes, the player must use some sort of playing technique, but overall, the experience is very different from listening to a song. Music is simply sound broken into pieces. Within music is timing, which is broken sound to make it appealing to make sense to the brain. There is a certain arc to music and a song, but sound is not that way. It is nothingness manifest. Sound does not please the way music does, it reflects feeling and when the participant is actively listening, they can engage with their subconscious in a new way. Music tends to supply the conscious mind with familiarity and connectivity (a very important characteristic).

Insomuch, sound brings us to a different place within our mind. It guides us to a place where we can look retrospectively upon our lives and the connections we make with ourselves and others. It allows us to do something we neglect in our lives, it allows us to feel ourselves in the moment. It allows us to be with our thoughts, feelings, and emotions. It also allows us to process those feelings at an expedited rate. When we cannot process the feelings we have we become backlogged. The amount of pressure builds in time and we cannot stay present in the moment. In essence, we are always waiting for something to come into being rather than being that which already is. We stop living for a time that may never be, and live within the moment itself rather than the echo or the projection. The present moment is a place where time does not exist. For it is a moving sliver sandwiched between infinity.

We all have experienced time dilation. In a quick recap, time moves more quickly when approaching a singularity. In life, death is that moment. So as we proceed through our lives we notice time seems to move more quickly towards the end. Is this actually true or simply a facade placed upon the mind? Well, it’s both. Our mind dictates our reality and the perception the mind takes, molds the projection. Time isn’t actually moving faster, but how the mind relates to time through the decades in fact does. You must ask, how? How does time seem to speed up? Well, it’s actually quite simple. The answer is fractions.

When you are a child, say 1 year old, you have lived 1/1 years. When you are fifteen, you are living one year of fifteen. When you are sixty you are living one of sixty years. Time is dilated by living. 1/60 is a much smaller fraction than 1/15 or 1/1. So our perception that time is moving faster is in relation to what we have lived and experienced. It only moves faster for we have stretched our experience. That one year to a child is all they know, and thus feels longer than a year observing that same child. We share time but how we relate is completely different.

When sound is used as a form of meditation you can begin to slow the process by simply understanding the process. Many times, the clearing of the subconscious allows individuals to move into greater alignment with their purpose in life. I have seen many people quit jobs, change diets, and make changes in their lives that are still with them to this day. All this, from a one hour session. They lost fear, and when fear is lost you have courage. When we begin living our lives for ourselves we regain time we have given to others.  It is simple. It is practical. Your time is yours. Your life is yours. Time has no ownership but we often delegate it to others dreams rather than our own. The beauty of time is in that element of ambiguity. Time is force that dictates almost everything in our lives and as we acquire our time, we acquire our freedom. We are no longer waiting for a time to come as we gain access to our entirety.

The search for silence is an anomaly. It is almost rhetorical in nature for it speaks to the state of being which is impartial to both the past and the future. Silence is the deepest state of our being and within the space of nothingness we exist. It is akin to a black ball floating in a white room. The room is silence while the ball is the noise. The nature of the two is to exist as one, each relying on the other for the validation of the other. It allows for perception and depth as well as a harmonious relationship to create a definition. Nonetheless, it is both. We are both.The ball is noise, it is life. While the room is infinity. It is space to matter. Life and death are no different. Sound and silence is life and death. It is the birth of duality.

Sound healing (to me) is a sacred practice which allows one to tap into greater consciousness and understanding of the simple things in life. It is not an esoteric practice but a practice of a householder.  It is a deep state of meditation which often allows a practitioner release something deep. People often ask what there is to gain from a practice like sound meditation, I tell them all the same thing. Nothing. For the nature of the practice is to lose something. All the while, the best results are when you come without any expectation. You come to the practice to be, rather than to do. You come to release and find freedom within the self. You become sovereign and free of impinging definitions which allows you access to time. For when you have access to time, your responsibilities are your own and you give yourself full reign to do what you want, when you want. Sound healing and sound meditation have the ability to assist you in the amalgamation of thought into matter. This is not something which must be done, but rather simply something that happens. It is the byproduct. All you have to do is show up

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