How to Play Shruti Box?

How To Play Shruti Box For Beginners

 If you enjoy playing musical instruments, then you are going to love playing Shruti Box. This is different as it is an air-percussion type. It is used by musicians to produce music sounds that are mind healing.

To play this instrument you need to polish special skills. Shruti box is an instrument that produces musical notes if you feed in air columns. Your palm control movement makes a difference if you learn to play this instrument.

Learn the basics

  • The instrument is Indian by origin
  • The instrument can play a consistent musical tone
  • It belongs to the vocal instrument category

You can search for Shruti box instrument in Brooklyn Healing Arts store that sell traditional musical instruments. The wooden box looks very much like a compact percussion instrument. You can select a box in different pitch and size.

Pitch technique

    If you are looking for tools for wellness and sound meditations then this instrument is the best option. The vibrations are healing types produced on a fixed scale. You can focus on any pitch scale. It is the best instrument that can produce nodes like E, D and C major.

    These scales are also best for beginners who want to learn to play any musical instrument. For beginners, it is more effective to learn this instrument as it produces some basic scales and pitch. If you want to learn to play this instrument, then begin with these scales. These sound healing instruments are not difficult to learn.

    Best playing techniques

      You are interested in learning to play this instrument. Before you play it is important to learn the skills to hold and play Shruti box. The grip has to be very firm if you want to play it perfectly. Your palms are used if you need to produce right scale vibrations.

      You can search for Shruti box instrument expert who can offer the best tutorials to you. To get perfect you have to keep practicing for days. This instrument is not easy to learn as you have to polish your hand movement skills.

      Tuning and listening skills

        You will play musical scales if you start adjusting your hand movements. The instrument position has to be adjusted if the sounds have to be perfect. So when you search for tools for wellness and sound meditations you also have to look around for perfecting your holding techniques.

        Each sound you play has to be perfected. You have to pay close attention to the sounds you are playing. You can also practice playing the instrument when in the company of other musicians. It belongs to the best sound healing instruments of the present time.

        Melodies and scales

          To gain perfection with any musical instrument you should always learn the basic and simple scales first. You have to master the techniques of up and downscaling on the instrument. You can also ensure that you learn to play this instrument in the background.

          Simple melodies will help you perfect the scales that you want to learn. Brooklyn Healing Arts web portal gives reliable information you need. They are the best dealers of percussion instruments online.

          Tempos and rhythms

            If your basic skills are good then you can now get started with rhythms and tempos. These are both advanced skills and you have to develop them if you want to master your skills. Always ensure that you are in a very comfortable position before you start playing.

            You can search for the best comfortable spot when playing Shruti box. It is also best to keep experimenting with different tempos and rhythms. Be sure you learn only from experts.

            Use recording instruments

              Recording instruments are always user-friendly for anyone who wants to master learning techniques. You should practice playing any tempo and then record your practice session. Later you can listen and then make improvements to your skills.

              This technique proves very effective if you have to correct your mistakes. To learn the technique of using recording instruments, you can look around for Shruti box instrument options. Best skills you learn if you are a part of expert sessions.


                You may not be able to learn this instrument if you are not persistent. It is also important for you to practice regularly and patiently. These two skills you may need to get perfect with any musical instrument. At least practice for hours or days if you want to learn advanced level skills.

                You have to give your time for your practice sessions. Always ensure that you are enrolled with the best classes to master your skills. If your basic skills are good then you can be a part of the playgroup as well. You have a benefit here as you can keep practicing the instrument. Always ask someone to help you keep improving your playing skills with this instrument.

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