Why Do You Hear? Part 3

I hope by this time in these writings, I have conveyed that sound healing is a practice in life rather than simply a form of wellness entertainment. In truth, that is what it is.  A spectacle of capital as the wellness boom continues. While I am pleased more and more are attracted to the practice, I wish to implore the readers and practitioners to navigate with discernment for the benefits of the practice. For that, is just something to think about moving forward.

            In this segment I want to explore, possibly the most potent ask for the practice, why. For that is the reason many of us are drawn to practices and wellness…it is to find meaning in our past and unearth the reasons for being. Sound healing is an element of ancient self archeology, for that which is unearthed brings enlightenment to the way we are now. Archeology is a practice of lineage, allowing us to understand how we have come to be the people we are on this day. The link between archeology and self exploration parallels quite closely, for archeology gives us clues to where discoveries may be. Akin to people, our behavior, thoughts, relationships, and more are like the location to where we should dig to unearth the “why.” They are the locations to discover the aspects of self which have brought our mind and body to this particular time and place.

            This aspect of healing deals with understanding healing needs to happen. But it is often made light of due to our triggers. I believe triggers are aspects of the self which have not found solace. In solace, there is only acceptance of what is rather than the need to change. In this, identification is the first step to understanding. It is quite a journey from this space.  Going back to one of my favorite metaphors, is the word mother. This word, I believe is one of the most loaded words in the entire world and across all languages. It holds a space of familial lineage, natural order, and a state of nurturing. Of course, these are the general aspects. Each person in the world would define it differently in correlation with their experience. One may have a biological mother or not, but that doe not negate that love of a mother. One may have had mothers whom they have wonderful relationships with and some may not….mothers have passed on while others are fighting for their life. This way, the transmutational aspects of language allows a dictation based not only on perspective but time, for how we look at the word mother now was quite different when we were younger. In this, why shifts with time, allowing us to see ones philosophical evolution in real time, but often only noticed in retrospect.

            Life is a puzzle of why. For each moment in time is a seed we are planting.  This is an adage you have held and known for a long time, but do you practice it and see it? Personally, I have seen every single manifestation happen in the past ten years come to fruition. In truth, it is slightly unnerving to know how powerful we can all be. The wisdom of age comes with the present moment and the seeds we plant today and forgetting the seeds that were passed before we knew the garden we were growing.

            In Vermont, my wife and I have a huge garden with vegetables and flowers. Our backyard is south facing and spacious and when we started our garden we just started putting the seeds down, only when we grew the garden did we see our mistakes. When we lack experience we often start with mistakes, and upon that we correct and allow the space to become what it is always meant to be. We can only see what is meant to be when we know the things that are not meant to be. And now, we plant our seeds knowing the growth of the space. Why is there a tomato plant? Because I planted it. But why is that squash growing out of place? Who cares…pull it. We can waste our lives discovering why, or we can live our lives understanding that why has brought us to now, and can be learned from and projected so others do not plant the same seeds we have. Why is a not an action, but a verb. In healing I think of it not as a question, but a location…a noun. I no longer give the time to unearth the why for in time it unveils itself as an aspect of undiscovered love. For we can only love ourselves when we love the parts of our self we forgot.

            In life, we are all just trying to find our way…often there will always be a better way but we do not know there is a better way until the mistake has been made. This is life. Sound healing allows us to hear the river as an aspect of our self and the wind as our own breath. We feel the skin of a loved one and feel the sun within their body.  It allows us to hear the word mother, father, daughter and connect with our soul in real time. Feeling is the language of the soul…and words are the language the soul attempts to convey those feelings. Yet, we know once we name it we negate it. Truth is the feeling, words are the distortion.


So then, why do you hear what you hear?

Who cares. (Sic)

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