Sound As Meditation and Spirituality

When I was asked to contribute to AstroLogic, I was honored to offer some insight I have
gained from working with sound. Astrology and sound are two areas of wisdom and
understanding that come from a deep understanding of the self in relation to all that surrounds
us. These two practices offer great strength and understanding for those who wish to gain a
greater understanding of who they are (if such a thing were possible).

For me, astrology is a blueprint and makeup of that which gives us the self and qualities in this
life. Sound, though it does not give us anything, attempts to (for those willing) allow the
individual to come in greater stride with the elements within them. For in astrology, we learn not
only our strengths but also our neuroses and traumas not only in this lifetime, but the many
others before. Working with sound as a modality of meditation we are not in any way attempting
to change ourselves, but rather accept those shades of grey that live deep within the framework
of our human psyche. In this, sound meditation allows the individual to accept and witness the
unfolding nature of the universe within them set forth by their astrological blueprint.

As with astrology and its various systems, each sound practitioner approaches the
modality with an ingrained sense of purpose and style. That purpose is the driving mechanism
behind the practice. My personal approach is that of kindness. To me, nothing else matters. If
you would have asked me five years ago, I would have given another answer. To be seen and
heard is a powerful act of healing. But kindness is not what we seek, it is what we are. So, in
this right, one must not ask what is to be gained from working with sound, for not one single
person reading this needs something new…we sit with sound and meditation to lose something,
to attempt to rid ourselves of that which we have gathered. It is not a matter of succeeding in
this, but rather loving yourself more in the process. The nature of the intention of the practitioner gives way to experience one will have while sitting with them. For all sound is a reflection of the internal nature of one’s being.

Okay, okay, maybe I have gotten ahead of myself here. Let’s simply attempt to define
what sound therapy is before we move one. To me, on the simplest level, it is a chance to relax
consciously. It is a time to connect to your thoughts and activate your parasympathetic nervous
system, ultimately leaving you in a state that has quieted your mind and relieved you of
elementary stressors. One may use tools such as gongs, tuning forks, drums, and more in both
personal and group settings. I could go through some science mumbo jumbo that makes it
sound nice and healthy, but that’s boring to me. It is much more than that to me. It is a way to
connect to something greater. When I hear a singing bowl play, it brings me home. No matter
how rattled I am in life, it reminds me that I am not my thoughts, but I am simply experiencing
the movements of thought through my psyche.

Akin to astrology, it allows the individual to look at their lives subjectively and without judgement.
It is not something one should be ashamed of, for the workings of the universe are much more
complex than we were ever made to understand. Sound teaches us to be present with
ourselves, to love ourselves and others more deeply because we all share the same
fate…sound fading to silence, the return home.

All of this is for a simple and grounded reason, to love yourself more. Within that we are
able to give kindness like the earth gives wind. Kindness is the reason we should do anything.
As we connect to something greater, we learn to heal ourselves, we learn to be kind to those
who are not kind to us. While working with sound for many years, I have found that life is a blip,
sandwiched between infinity. That time, that blink of an eye, should not be wasted on anything
but kindness. Sound teaches us that our lives are notes in a song of the universe. Sound is life.
It comes into existence with a bang, and fades back into the silence after it has lived. We all
return to the silence. This alone is a very important aspect of sound. We work with sound to find the deep well of silence within us. It is the pregnant void. It is a divine emptiness where all is possible. Silence is what we seek, it is beyond the nature of the mind. It is the nature of spirit as it beckons one to return home while in the vessel of the body.

As a contributor I will be offering some insights into a practice that I hope you begin to
explore. I have created my entire life around it and dedicated myself to not only offering sound
experiences, but also providing tools to help others elevate themselves and their communities.
My aim is to provide not only a greater understanding of the possibility of sound, but a grounded
approach to the applicable lessons one can apply to their lives. This column will be all about
sound therapy and meditation and I will give my best to you, so you may begin living a life full of
kindness, smiles, and a love within that will radiate outward into eternity. It will be esoteric,
grounded, hard to believe, and maybe even a little funny. But who knows…maybe, just maybe,
we may all learn something. Sound good?

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