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Venus Crystal Tuner 3539.68 cps

Venus Crystal Tuner 3539.68 cps

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  • Powerful sound healing

  • Enhances a crystal’s ability for light conduction

  • Forms a bridge between Heaven and Earth

* Crystal not included.


Hold a quartz crystal in one hand and the crystal tuning fork in your other hand. Gently tap the crystal fork on a crystal. Close your eyes and meditate on the sound as well as the feeling of the crystal in your hand. When working with another person, hold the crystal off the body with the point towards the area you want to energize. Gently tap the crystal with the tuning fork. Let the sound move gently into the person's energy field. Visualize it with color and/or spinning in a positive direction. There are many possibilities for the Crystal Tuning Fork. Let your creativity and healing ability be your guide.