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Juang Flutes Drone Flute "The Raven" 33" A432

Juang Flutes Drone Flute "The Raven" 33" A432

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Hand Made by Juang Flutes in Indonesia, these flutes are all unique and one of a kind. Robi and Elok Akbar reside on East Java on the island of Madura. They ethically gather natural branches and create playable art.

Each flute is made from unique branches allowing for a wonderful piece with amazing characteristics.

With its dark feathers, haunting caw, and preference for decaying flesh, the raven is often linked to misfortune and doom. However, its meaning goes beyond such simplistic connotations. As a speaking bird, the raven symbolizes divination and understanding. In tales, ravens often serve as guides between the mortal realm and the realm of the supernatural.



3.25 lbs.

This is art, sound, and function...

All flutes come with thin, cotton bag.