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Cacao Source "Panaan" Guatemalan Ceremonial Cacao 16 ounce

Cacao Source "Panaan" Guatemalan Ceremonial Cacao 16 ounce

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“Panan”  comes from the vocable “Pa Nana” which means “for the mother” from the Tz’utujil “Nana” for the mother or the woman space holder.

Neighbor to Chicacao the village of Panan was probably an ancient place of devotion to the sacred feminine, before colonization. The Name “for the mother” in an ancestral Cacao producing region lets us guess that in ancient times there may have been certain altars and ceremonies specially dedicated to feminin and motherly entities in the area. As it was often the case in Cacao forest in that region, where cacao was commonly associated with goddess figures. 

Jose Luis Ovalle, Alba Laeticia and their daughters Alba Dalila and Mariza Maribel are our main contacts from this family collective. The family owns two medium parcells nearby the village, in the middle of a big patchwork of small parcels owned by many different families. They have a beautiful understanding of social ecology and its issues in the region. We believe they could have a great influence and play a role of exemple in their neighborhood. And that is why we decided to start supporting them. Also in the hope of supporting more farmers around them, before they are tempted to sell their lands to the monocrop industries.

  • Selected criollo hybrids

  • Fermented for 6 days in buckets

  • Family collective

  • Small landowners

  • Semi wild fruit forest

  • Altitude 700m

  • Suchitepequez région