Listen to them, don't steal them.

Sound archives and all downloads are for personal use and for public for teaching yoga classes. In no way are these archives to be reused commercially without consent from the owners & creators, Jarrod Byrne Mayer, Melody Balczon, and Brooklyn Healing Arts, LLC.

If you wish to use these in commercial purpose, please email Jarrod@BrooklynHealingArts.com. Quite frankly, I can create something perfect for you that will be completely customized.

Just because they are Free right now, doesn’t mean the are fair game for any use you find fit.

Thank you, enjoy…and stay safe!

If you wish to donate do so Via venmo@JarrodMayer or PayPal Jarrod@BrooklynHealingArts.com. If via PayPal send as friend/family.