In Search of Silence Part 3: The Blind Architect

In life we often feel we have control. Yet, control is one the great illusions of man. To feel that actions dictate outcome, is true. Yet, the means to the outcome are completely chaotic, even in the solemn form. Chaos, is a state of utter turbulence. This can be seen within the mass collective as well as the individual within the physical, mental, and spiritual bodies. The truth is life is a series of proposed experiences strewn together with unpredictable events that in and of themselves creates momentum in which life flows in a new direction. This is chaos. We feel we have control of our lives, but do you? How much of your day is dictated by the self? We find a path, and we sit within it only thinking we have control because we move freely. We feel we act in sovereignty, but in reality, we often create others dreams rather than our own.

I have a feeling you are wondering what this has to do with sound and sound healing. The truth of the matter is that sound is a teacher which often shifts one mind to a greater state of understanding. Sometimes referred to as “Nada Yoga,” the Yoga of sound is meant to create a union between the individual and the divine. Many practitioners of sound will give offerings based in relaxation and other wellness benefits. But for me, sound works to allow me to understand my place in the world.

Sovereignty holds it head in all aspects of our energetic bodies. These being the physical, mental, and spiritual. Within these they are both within the individual and collective experiences. In this, it is how we collectively inhabit the planes of body, mind, and spirit.

Within the physical space, without getting too deep within, is access to time. I believe this is the true access to freedom. It is the most valuable asset in the entire world. It cannot be bought, traded, or extended. And only when we know our time is limited, do we try to free ourselves of its grip. Given everyone’s time will end on earth at some point, but while we are here, how do we interact with the limited time we have? For remember, we live within a sliver of time sandwiched within infinity. Within that sliver, you have the choice of how you engage with the time. This is the final piece which we will look further into later.

Within the physical space, our sovereignty must include activities which both support the mental and spiritual acts as well. Our physical body is the temple of the mind and soul, and must be treated as so. It needs to be cleaned, fed, and enjoyed. We should eat properly, exercise, and have a sadhana. We use the physical body to move through space and engage with practices that support our health. General health is the individual’s responsibility, but we need help sometimes and must be supported by others. Sovereignty is sometimes thought as an aspect of doing everything yourself, while in reality it is the self as the constant gardener while asking for help when it is needed. We cannot be experts in everything, and collaboration is a powerful in experiencing one’s own power. We must be responsible for ourselves while understanding we are one. In this, we are more powerful than I. Asking for help is a powerful example of having a good relationship with ones ego. How we use the physical body can be seen in both the mental and spiritual workings.    

Within the mental capacity, sovereignty is an act of mental clarity. We all carry the weight of life within the mind. The mental is the first place it starts and will ripple into the other aspects of being. When the weight of life becomes too much it spills into the physical body as lethargy, depression, anxiety, obesity, disease, and much more. When we don’t feel sovereign in our body, the addictions of the world inhabit that physical body. Within the mind, we must love ourselves throughout the chaos and truly have the tools to forgive ourselves. Our thoughts flow like wind through leaves, affecting us but never moving the tree. (I suppose a tree could break from wind, but that ruins my metaphor, so let’s ignore that in my story.) The matter is that thought is like a train, it takes you for a ride and it distorts your reality with fallacy and hearsay. We must learn to watch the train pass without engaging.

Sovereignty is as well a spiritual practice. It is an understanding that death is a process, a new beginning. Spiritual sovereignty entails a deep love for life, yet knowing it will end and having a positive relationship with death. In true sovereignty, death holds not a grip in life. It simply allows one to truly fall in love with themselves. Within that love, we transcend the existential anxiety bound to wake-less sleep. We don’t fear death, we fear not having life. One may say we have a fear of the unknown, but that is a lie for one can never fear what they do not know. We fear death because we do not live. The most rebellious thing one can do is live a life full of love. Love is activism. When we embody life in its fullest by choosing joy over any other asset, then when our time to cross over is upon us we can look at our lives and take pride in the life we lived…then on to the next adventure.

We are all blind architects. As we attempt to gain a grip on our lives, we are constantly tested by the greatest demon of all, self-doubt. Self-doubt is a virus, a plague on the soul to create stagnation within a state of fear. Our lives are created by us though chaos and we remain witness to the turmoil. We are constantly creating life, but how it unfolds is unknown. The architecture of a thought coming into form is akin to life unfolding from a dream. How it is constructed bears the foundation for greater stability and understanding.

In my book, The Architecture of Sound and the Alchemy of Transcendence, I look into the structure of sound.  Not the physics, but the spiritual. For my experience with sound has been profound beyond the physical aspects of it. I have felt more connected to source and have been able to look at the world differently. So how something is constructed within our minds and how it “makes sense” may be different to everyone. So then, each person’s grasp on reality is a form of architecture. In this, we create consciously but never really know how or what will come of it. The reality is that failure is the soul’s way of making sure it gets it right next time. There are no mistakes, failures, or lost dreams in life…there is only giving up when your expectation and reality to do not align.  

With the use of sound, we are given the ability to see our lives subjectively as if we are watching a movie we are starring in. We see how each and every moment of our lives lead us to this exact moment in space and time. We see the steps we have made build upon each other, creating stability and structure for what is to come next. One of the greatest lessons sound can teach is that we have ability to be free in our mind, body, and spirit. The question one must ask themselves is, “Do I feel free, or am I actually free?” In this, we must look at one more aspect of sovereignty, time. The illusive asset without form or feel.


            To Be Concluded.

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